Button less. Automatically fire when inhaling device.


Pod patent technology designed to prevent spit back and leaking 


Pod can be easily refilled up to several times

Battery Indicator

LED light indicator displays specific battery levels

6.5ml Prefilled Pod

Nicotine Salt Optimized
Maximum Cloud Output

6.5ml Prefilled Pod  

 Nicotine Salt Optimized 

Maximum Cloud Output


Nicotine Salts


Pink Drink 1.0% Nicotine Salts 30ml

Chilled and delicious, Pink Drink contains ripe strawberries, blended watermelon bits and a little bit of our special secret ingredient. Served on the rocks.


Tango Ice 1.0% Nicotine Salt 30ml

Ripe mango bits, peaches, mouthwatering pineapple and a whole lotta menthol. WARNING: very addictive, and not just because of the nicotine.



Watermelon Cherry Limeade 1.0% Nicotine Salts 30ml

Crisp watermelon cubes, blended and infused with fresh squeezed limeade and ripe Washington cherries. You will not be disappointed with W.CL. - we guarantee it.



Milk N' Honey 1.0% Nicotine Salt 30ml

Reminiscent of the milk left over after eating your favorite honey-nut cereal, with added whipped honey - A creamy and delicious All Day Vape.


Usually nicotine salts shouldn't be used with sub-ohm devices, why is the VertiPod different?

VertiPod uses 1.0%  nicotine salt e-liquid, most other nicotine salts blends range from 3.5% - 5.0% nicotine salts. Since the 1.0%  blend is lower in strength, it pairs perfectly with our high-output pod system. We DO NOT recommend filling the VertiPod with high-strength nicotine salts; doing so can be harmful.

Can I refill the pod with other juices?

The VertiPod is designed to work best with our nicotine salt blends, but if you desire to fill it with your own e-liquid, it is very easy to do so. 

We DO NOT recommend filling your VertiPod with high-strength nicotine salts, doing so can be harmful.

What are nicotine salts?

Nicotine salts are a type of processed nicotine that is mostly used in low-output vaping devices. Nicotine salts contain combined ingredients that mimic the effects of standard combusted tobacco and are usually much more satisfying for the consumer. Nicotine salts allow the added cationic salts to bind with nicotine molecules and help deliver a gratifying and smooth hit.

What if I come into direct contact with nicotine salts?

If you get nicotine salts on your hands simply wash it off with soap and water. Do not swallow any nicotine salts and keep ALL pods and bottles out of the reach of children and pets.

How many times can I refill my pod?

We recommend only filling your pod 2-3 times at most, and only using our nicotine salts.

Where are the nicotine salts manufactured?

The nicotine salts are manufactured and developed in Seattle, WA, USA.

What strength are the pods?

The strength of the pods are 1.0% nicotine salts or 10 mg / ml.

Is my device covered under warranty?

All Vertipod devices are covered under a limited 6-month warranty. All Vertipod devices purchased through, and authorized Vertigo Vapor retailers, come
with a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for
6 months. Please email (If you did not purchase your Vertipod device through, please also provide proof of purchase.)

6.5ml Pod Capacity

Nicotine Salt Optimized
Maximum Cloud Output